Turkey’s Internet Access Figures

According to the data obtained from EUROSTAT data, the percentage of households with internet access in Europe was announced. The country with the highest home internet access was recorded as Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands with 98 percent. this rate was reported as 88 percent in Turkey.

In this survey, which covers 39 countries in total, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the country with the lowest internet access among these countries with 72 percent.

Turkey’s rate of home Internet access than in the past compared with 2018 by 4 percentage points was observed that a show anymore. The other countries with the highest internet access were the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland with 96 percent, and Germany and Denmark with 95 percent in the study, which evaluated people aged 16-74.

Finally, the number of news reflected in the press about the internet was recorded as 121 thousand 631. The number of news about internet usage was announced as 5,216. When the news content was examined, the excessive hours of internet usage among the youth and children were at the forefront.